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Symposium: Dicey Dungeons, November 3, 2022

This month we’re going to discuss Dicey Dungeons. Its store page describes it as a “deckbuilding roguelike”; do we think that a characterization of it as a dice-based deckbuilding roguelike accurately covers what’s interesting about the game, or is there … Continue reading

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Gaming Session: Lord of the Rings Card Game, November 27, 2022

We’re returning to the LotR card game this week. Depending on who’s there, we’ll either keep on going with the game with Roger and me that’s turned into a complete disaster, or the game with Roger, Steve, and me that … Continue reading

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Symposium, October 6th – Citizen Sleeper

Somehow, Citizen Sleeper has managed to land right in the intersection of so many of our Symposium discussions, from Disco Elysium’s interrogation of the narrative capabilities of tabletop mechanics to Nier Automata’s exploration of how the body and self are … Continue reading

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