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Symposium: Heaven’s Vault, April 2, 2020

This month, we look at Heaven’s Vault (2019). It is available on Steam, GoG, and PS4. To start the conversation, play (or watch) at least the first hour of Heaven’s Vault (2019). This will give you a good idea of … Continue reading

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Symposium: Erica, October 3, 2019

Update: Rescheduled for October 10, 2019. The full motion video (FMV) genre seemingly died out in the late-1990s as increases in rendering technology helped games move into a more “realistic” turn. Yet, in recent years, Until Dawn (2015) and Her Story (2015) have returned … Continue reading

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Symposium: Undertale, January 4, 2018

For our January symposium, we will be discussing Undertale (2015). Available on Steam, GoG, and PSN, Undertale (2015) turns many conventions and assumptions about the RPG genre upside-down and inside-out. Offering the ability to end conflicts through “Mercy” options and … Continue reading

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Symposium: World of Warcraft, August 4, 2016

With over a decade of on-going development and an active player-base in the millions, World of Warcraft stands as one of the most renowned MMORPGs ever. However, for as vast as the game as become through multiple expansions, at its root is … Continue reading

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Symposium, August 7th: Rise of Nations

In the realm of strategy games, years can be played as minutes and Rise of Nations, which was originally released by Big Huge Games in 2003, provides a striking contrast between its broad historical scope and the surprisingly brief window … Continue reading

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VGHVI Symposium, 10/4: Modes of Subversion 1: Frustration of Purpose and the “Final Girl”

Our playversation about DragonAge 2 confirmed me in my thought about where we should head next in our symposia. For the next few months, I propose that we consider specific possible ways that rulesets can subvert the identification through legibility … Continue reading

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Symposium: 2 February 2012

It’s the first week of the month, which means that it’s time for another VGHVI Symposium! Last month’s generated a discussion about games, play, and learning that we all thought deserved some more attention; David even wrote an extended blog … Continue reading

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