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Gaming Session: Minecraft, April 28, 2011

This week is time for our monthly Minecraft session. More train building, more work on the skybridge, I hear rumors about plans for building a ship near the temple. The server will be at; we’ll be doing voice chat … Continue reading

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Gaming Session: Left 4 Dead 2, March 21, 2011

In honor of official “sequel being released to a Valve game that didn’t seem like it really needed a sequel when it first came out but that we found ourselves getting kind of excited about anyways – the original was … Continue reading

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Gaming Session: Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, April 14, 2011

After a hiatus of a couple of months, we’re returning to Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood; I hope enough people are still playing it for us to get a quorum! (The game does seem to have a good amount of legs; it’s … Continue reading

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Gaming session: Symposium in Lord of the Rings Online

This Thursday night at 9:30 Eastern we’ll begin something new and perhaps promising: a monthly symposium (you know, a drinking party) on “Roots of Humanistic Game Criticism” inside the world of Turbine’s The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO). As … Continue reading

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