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School of Athens podcast, recorded 18 October 2012

In our discussion of the first two episodes of The Walking Dead, we are joined by Scott Juster and Jorge Albor from Experience Points. Together, we analysis — and agonize over — our decisions across the two episodes, relating how we … Continue reading

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VGHVI Symposium, 11/1: Modes of Immersion 2: Fluid Identification and Semiotics

In this Thursday’s symposium, I want to talk about a particular theoretical approach to the re-definition of immersion as fluid identification that we’ve been attempting. The approach springs from my understanding of the work of Kaja Silverman, a critic in … Continue reading

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Gaming Session: Minecraft, October 25, 2012

It’s Minecraft time! Or, as typically turns out to be the case, “discursive occasionally game-related relaxed conversation time, while Miranda and Pat actually build stuff” time.  (Hmm, and Jonathan blows stuff up.) The usual time and place: Thursday, October 25th … Continue reading

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Playversation (with the EXP guys!): “The Walking Dead” 18 October 2012

It’s time for another playversation; the game we’ll be talking about (and possibly playing while talking) this month is TellTale’s groundbreaking series The Walking Dead. We’re thrilled to say that Jorge Albor and Scott Juster of the EXP blog and podcast, … Continue reading

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School of Athens podcast, recorded 4 October 2012

Analyzing horror movies through the lens of “final girl“, we discuss identification with avatars and their systems. Frustration of legibility and reinforcement of identification are highlighted with examples of boss battles from Space Channel 5 and Earthbound. We end with … Continue reading

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School of Athens podcast, recorded 20 September 2012

Stymied by repetitive combat, we eventually discuss game characters acting out of player control in Dragon Age 2, Final Fantasy VII and Planetfall. We then move towards talking about the possibilities of system and narration subversion in video games before … Continue reading

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Gaming Session: XBLA Board Games, October 11, 2012

We’re going to play a board game on XBLA this week. Probably Carcassonne or Catan, though if somebody wanted to make an impassioned case for Ticket to Ride, they’d probably be able to convince us. And board games nights are … Continue reading

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School of Athens podcast, recorded 6 September 2012

Here we are, opening the conversation, in symposium, about subversion of immersive-identification that we continue to try to push forward. . . With David Carlton, Dan Cox, and Roger Travis. Edited by Dan Cox. VGHVIpodcastNS13 Subscribe on our iTunes page!

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VGHVI Symposium, 10/4: Modes of Subversion 1: Frustration of Purpose and the “Final Girl”

Our playversation about DragonAge 2 confirmed me in my thought about where we should head next in our symposia. For the next few months, I propose that we consider specific possible ways that rulesets can subvert the identification through legibility … Continue reading

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