The Video Games and Human Values Initiative is an interdisciplinary nexus for online scholarly activities like symposia and collaborative research. All these activities are designed to advance our understanding of how video games and their culture can shape our values constructively for the enrichment of society.

And once you’ve done that, I urge you also to subscribe to the RSS feed for this VGHVI blog and to the School of Athens podcast.

This is an open group, so please join us on Thursday nights if you want to take part in our new interdisciplinaryinterinstitutional, even ecumenical conversation about video games, and to help shape its future. The initiative is for gamers and non-gamers, academics and non-academics, students and teachers, parents and their high-school and college kids. That is, it’s for you–so don’t hesitate to join if you’re excited–or concerned–about what video games are doing in our communities.

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