Symposium, October 6th – Citizen Sleeper

Somehow, Citizen Sleeper has managed to land right in the intersection of so many of our Symposium discussions, from Disco Elysium’s interrogation of the narrative capabilities of tabletop mechanics to Nier Automata’s exploration of how the body and self are damaged or even severed by cruelties of the future.

We will cast our dice on Thursday at 8:30 EDT / 7:30 CDT / 5:30 PDT, with voice chat over Discord. Survivors welcome.

Supplemental Reading:
Citizen Sleeper Is a Game About Finding Home in a World That Hates You [Renata Price, Waypoint]
You Wouldn’t Download a Body [Kaile Hultner, No Escape]
The Melancholy Realism of Citizen Sleeper [Cameron Kunzelman, Paste]
Conversation in the Ruins of Interplanetary Capitalism [Ruth Cassidy w/Gareth Damian Martin, Unwinnable]

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