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Symposium, 6 April: Narrative in strategy games

Hopefully, we can generate an aphorism or two about the intersection of emergent play in a historically-inflected possibility-space and story-telling. I’m thinking we’ll use the Civ series as our touchstone, but I don’t want to be restrictive. 8:30 Eastern, 5:30 … Continue reading

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Symposium: Virtual Reality, 1 September 2016

Now that the commercial release of several VR platforms has arguably made virtual reality a market and/or cultural force, it seems like we might spend an enjoyable hour talking about whether there’s anything new here where immersion is concerned. My … Continue reading

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Symposium: Telltale’s Game of Thrones

When we discussed Life is Strange in February we spent a good deal of our time trying to find the right terms to describe episodic graphic adventure games. What caught my fancy most strongly was the similarity of the serial moments of … Continue reading

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Symposium: Fallout Matters, 5 November 2015

What’s so playful about the post-apocalypse? (Or, let’s get ready for Fallout 4!) I’m happy to say I found an article that’s really helped me shape my recent thinking on why Fallout presents such immersive enchantment: Watts, Evan. 2011. “Ruin, Gender, and Digital … Continue reading

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Symposium, 7 May: Text Adventures

>look You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike. >n You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike. When the immersion happens that very old-fashioned way—you know, the way you used to dive into Moby Dick and get … Continue reading

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Symposium, 4 December: League of Legends and other MOBAs

This Thursday, I want to talk about developments in MOBAs generally since the last time we talked about them, and in particular about the importance of “meta” to them as a sign of incipient professionalization–not only in the sense which … Continue reading

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Symposium of 3 July 2014: the Assassin’s Creed franchise

My plan is to make my symposia focus on various aspects of Assassin’s Creed for the foreseeable future. To that end, this Thursday I want to try to uncover as many prior questions as we can, and see if we can come … Continue reading

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