Symposium Playversation: Akrham Horror: The Card Game, 4 June 2020

I’m fascinated by the co-op LCG genre, so I’ll want to talk about how its mix of deck-building, narrative, and co-op mechanics create its particular style of immersion. When we dabbled in the digital version of Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, we talked a little about how the element these games seem to share of participation in a developing storyworld (notably Tokien’s mythos and the Marvel universe, in addition to Lovecraft’s legendarium) might go hand-in-hand with the same kind of power-fantasy we tend to bemoan in mainstream games. It may be interesting to discuss whether that holds true in this game: though Lovecraft’s work is problematic in many ways, it can hardly be said to present a narrative of conventional heroism.

Conversation on Discord, game-streaming via OCTGN on

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