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Symposium, March 3rd: Ori and the Blind Forest

With Ori and the Blind Forest, there are thorns for every rose. An evocative opening provides a bittersweet reminiscence, which becomes more resonant as the player retraces and resurrects the storied past of the forest by navigating a tangled hawthorn … Continue reading

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Symposium, October 1st: Splatoon

In “Effective, but Defective,” music critic Robert Christgau wrote about a perceived critical leniency that was afforded to Tom Waits, whose fractured folk-singing has carved out a memorable — and distinctly anti-pop — niche. Christgau confesses that “yes, [Waits’s] gifts are … Continue reading

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Symposium, April 2nd: King of Dragon Pass

When King of Dragon Pass was originally released for the PC in 1999, its event-driven storytelling engine was accomplishing a goal that its players had not yet realized they wanted to achieve: a fluid, procedural narrative that emphasized the dynamics of tribal … Continue reading

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Symposium, August 7th: Rise of Nations

In the realm of strategy games, years can be played as minutes and Rise of Nations, which was originally released by Big Huge Games in 2003, provides a striking contrast between its broad historical scope and the surprisingly brief window … Continue reading

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