Symposium, 4 October 2018: Narrative as game–an experiment

As I mentioned at the last symposium, I’m hoping to push forward our conversation around talking about games, stories, and performance with an experimental ruleset. So I’m hoping that before Thursday night (and we’ll take ten minutes to do this at the beginning of the symposium as necessary) prospective attendees can “play” this “game”:

Write a three paragraph story that begins with “Once upon a time there lived…” Rules: 1) Begin with “Once upon a time there lived…”; 2) write three paragraphs, of any length, as a beginning, a middle, and an end respectively. (By “as a” I mean that the ruleset labels the paragraphs thus, not that you’re obligated to convey anything like a sense of incipience, mediation, or finality in the paragraphs respectively.)

Then bring any thoughts and questions you happen to have concerning the experiment for discussion! We’ll be on the VGHVI Discord at 8:30pm Eastern/5:30pm Pacific, Thursday 4 October.

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