Symposium: FTL, May 1, 2014

FTL-WallpaperThis coming Thursday night, 1 May 2014, we’re gathering to discuss FTL!

From its comparisons to other Roguelikes(-like) past and present, FTL represents the perfect next step in our continuing discussion around the role difficultly plays in confronting a player’s expression of mastery. By combining the randomness presented in games Spelunky, as well as the ability to select and in some shape the difficulty of the session like in Gemcraft, FTL is positioned well as an example of the collision of player-created narrative in the face of systemic rules execution.

Come having played or at least watched some of the game to talk over Skype starting at around 9:30 pm EST (6:30 pm PST). And like always, if you would like to join in, leave a comment and we can send you the Skype contact details.

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