Playversation 16 May: Bhaloidam – Greek Gods in Space, episode 5!


This coming Thursday night, it might very well be the end of time and space as our heroes have known it. Having stumbled their way into a mysterious cave on an impossible planet circled by a ship thought lost to time, our motley band found themselves thrust into a simulation of the ancient past and then, having finally gotten away from the corrupt AI that had held a civilization frozen for millennia, came face to face with one of the Greek gods themselves: Poseidon!

However, things are far worse than they know. The reality matrix born of countless dreaming minds is coming to an end. Those who were once called Greek gods, beings whose will kept the stars in check and from which galaxies drew life, have been dying off one by one. Cracks in time have begun to appear and space has become twisted. The universe now stands on the brink of annihilation.

As parting words before fading away himself, Poseidon tasked our heroes with one final thing: saving the universe! Now, as they stand on a barren, impossible planet and as the memory of Poseidon ever existing slips from their minds, they face an unimaginable goal. In order save anyone they have, do, or will ever care about, they must perform that which even the Greek gods in space could not. They must save time and space itself!


Continuing from the decision made last episode, this will be the end of our campaign of Bhaloidam – Greek Gods in Space for the time being. We will meet at 9:30 PM EST (6:30 PM PST) on the Mumble server and discover together how it finally resolves.

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