Playversation 21 March: Bhaloidam – Greek Gods in Space, episode 4!


We come back this Thursday night with playing through the next chapter in our on-going Bhaloidam campaign of “Greek Gods in Space!” We will be picking up right after our motley crew made their way into the unexpected cave on the unknown planet and met up with the mysterious figure within its depths.

Will their luck be just as bad again? Will Grrgg stop lifting things to get everyone’s attention? Will Victor ever stop drinking Space Vodka? Will the Calypso, the ship from the deep past orbiting the planet, ever be investigated? Show up, play, and find out!

We’ll be meeting at 9:30 PM EST (6:30 PM PST) on both the Mumble server and in a Google+ Hangout.  As always, leave a comment for details on how to be a part of a future episode.

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