Symposium of 7 February: Papo & Yo

The next game to receive the VGHVI immersion-as-identification, mechanic-as-metaphor treatment is Vander Caballero’s Papo & Yo. We’re excited that Denis Farr will be joining us for the symposium, and we’re looking forward to discussing his take on the game’s relation to colonialism as well as his experience interviewing Caballero; I’m also hoping to spend some time talking about what I see as the ritual nature of the game’s ruleset.

Suggested reading for preparation: Denis’ post on Gameranx, old friend Jorge Albor’s meditation on the game on PopMatters, Wikpedia articles on colonialism and on rites of passage.

We’ll meet on Thursday, 7 February at 9:30 pm Eastern. Conversation will be on the VGHVI mumble server, leave a comment if you need connection info and we’ll send it to you.

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