Playversation for 17 January: Greek Gods in Space — Episode 2: Calypso and the Storm

After taking a break last month, we come back this Thursday night with playing through the next chapter in our on-going Bhaloidam campaign of “Greek Gods in Space!” titled “Calypso and the Storm” that picks up right after our motley crew arrives on a ship bound for the planet Ithaca.

We’ll be meeting at 9:30 PM EST (6:30 PM PST) on both the Mumble server and in a Google+ Hangout.  As always, leave a comment for details on how to be a part of a future episode.

Previously on Greek Gods in Space…

Millions of years ago, the human race left the planet that was known fondly in the English tongue as Earth in a series of interstellar colonial ships. The ships were named after an obscure bunch of mythological figures sometimes called the Greek Gods. There was a ship named Zeus; a ship named Hera; a ship named Athena; a ship named Ares; a ship named Apollo; a ship named Artemis; and perhaps many others, but those records have been lost to the ravages of time.

The occupants of these ships were in cryogenic stasis for a very long time. When they awoke, they found themselves in different interstellar systems, which they colonized with varying degrees of success. And as happens in all such universes, they eventually began to re-expand, to bump up against one another and, of course, had forgotten that they used to know each other. Wars resulted.

In the wake of one of those wars, a group of people sits in a cantina on a certain planet called Troy waiting to go home. A great siege has just been concluded. One of the factions of the tribe that descended from the ship Athena has just defeated a colony who came from the ship Apollo. Because the state of war has existed for so long, such voyages are always a little bit chancy and the ships involved are not as reliable as one might expect for interstellar civilizations.

However, there is one ship about to depart headed for the planet of Ithaca captained by a man with the strange name of Odysseus. His ship is in the final parts of its fitting and reports that there is space for those who would travel with her. A group of warriors has responded to that message and now sits in the cantina awaiting departure.

There is also one other person in the cantina, a very strange presence whom few remember having ever seen before and who appears to be the oldest person many have ever seen. In fact, he has aged beyond the point where he might necessarily be called “human”. He seems too wrinkled to be the same species as everyone else. He’s been keeping very much to himself, but appears to be glancing at each of the warriors in turn as if he had something important he wants to say to them.

Dramatis Personae:

Pythagoras (David): Off in the corner, writing equations on napkins. Not drinking much, food pushed to the side and not paying attention. Will look up and acknowledge people, but mostly closed off. Hunched over with a big bushy beard. Slightly crazed expression.

2 Water, 2 Energy and 1 Fire

Phaedra (Juliana): Female martial artist who is very connected to the Earth. Almost a monk. She wears deep colored robes and sits with a small tree in front of her on the table which she tends. Uses the force of the ground to keep her centered.

2 Earth, 1 Water, and 2 Air

Grrgg (Dan): Sitting on a bench, cleaning fingernails with a blue space-knife. Frequently drinking a blue liquid. (The atmosphere outside is wine-dark with a coppery hint.)

2 Earth, 2 Water, and 1 Fire

“Gopher” (Peter): Multifarious character who has several different talents. Is very carefully going through the cabinets in the cantina, but is doing it so precisely that he looks like he knows what he is doing.

1 Water, 2 Air, 1 Energy, and 1 Life

“Victor” (Andrew): Wearing a long black duster that looks pretty worn. Long kinda unkempt hair that is a little greasy. Clearly hasn’t washed it in awhile. He has an air of being careless, but very aware of his surroundings. (He is of a distant Rasputin bloodline.)

2 Air, 1 Fire, 1 Energy, and 1 Earth

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