Symposium of 6 December: Bhaloidam, humanistically

Corvus led us through a wonderful Bhaloidam session a few weeks ago, featuring Dan’s orphan player-character trying to throw mine over a wagon without the intended effect of saving him from David’s corrupt orphan-taskmaster.

More importantly, we learned some of the finer points of how the marvelously flexible Bhaloidam engine works, and we’re practically ready to play “Greek Gods in Space” on 12/20.

Practically, but not quite: if we’re going to do this in proper VGHVI style, we need to spend more time pondering what it all means, from a humanistic point of view. That’s what we’ll do this Thursday, in a symposium dedicated to figuring out where our models of play, ruleset, immersion, and identification fit into the experience we had in “Orphan’s Alley” and into the experience we anticipate having in “Greek Gods in Space.” One of the questions I’m most interested in working through is to what extent we can describe the narrative content of a campaign as a ruleset, and to what extent that ruleset is detachable from the ruleset of an engine like Bhaloidam.

Conversation will be on Mumble at 9:30 Eastern time; let us know via comment if you need login information. As always, all are welcome!

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