Gaming Session: Tekkit, June 14, 2012

This week, we’re going to try out a Minecraft variant called Tekkit. Quoting Patrick Holleman:

Tekkit is a collection of several different Minecraft mods which greatly expand the number of craftable items (by more than 500) to include new things like electric generators, ovens, compressors, alloy furnaces, alchemy tables, automated mining machinery, and dozens of other things–even lasers and jetpacks!  To support this, there are numerous new mineral deposits and additional resources like rubber and oil which can be refined.  Electricity plays a big role, and automation is extensive.

But to really understand how massive Tekkit is, you have to play it.  I’ll be hosting on my own Tekkit server which has a lot of the equipment already made, but players can try to start from scratch if they want to have an organic experience.

You can download Tekkit here; you don’t have to worry about patching Minecraft, they give you a separate binary to use. (Download the appropriate launcher, run it, select “Tekkit” in the big box in the upper left that turns out to be a funky menu, and enter your standard Minecraft username and password.)  For more information, see the Tekkit Wiki.

Voice chat will be over Skype; add davidbcarlton to your contact info if you’re not there already. We’ll be using Patrick’s server, we’ll hand out the connection info in the Skype chat. It’ll be at the usual time: Thursday 6/14 at 9:30 EDT / 6:30 PDT.  See you there!

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