The School of Athens (VGHVI) Podcast, recorded 17 May 2012

In this episode, we discuss thatgamecompany’s oeuvre. If for nothing else, this is a must-listen for the sound of us trying to pronounce that mot and finally settling on “works.”

So from my perspective, the “thing” in this one is me going off on Csiksentmihalyian (that one’s almost as good for pronunciation fun as oeuvre) “flow.” I want to continue to explore the relation between flow and gamespaces, and so we will–June’s symposium topic will be “What if flow isn’t what makes a gamespace engaging? or, Where flow was, there should ruleset be.”

On this episode: Roger Travis, David Carlton, Dan Cox, Patrick Holleman, Steve Gilham, and Eric Swain.

Edited by Dan Cox.


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