Gaming session: 12 April–Mass Effect 3 multiplayer

Was it my lack of galactic readiness that killed Liara? If so, I shall fight all night, and rage against BioWare, and consider investing the many hours it would take to save her. Discussion will be on XBL unless players on other platforms post here to comment.

9:30 Eastern.

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3 Responses to Gaming session: 12 April–Mass Effect 3 multiplayer

  1. Leo says:

    I’m down for this tonight, is there ANY possible way I’ll be able to play with yall without spoiling ME3’s ending? I have yet to beat it…I know I’m a bum…

  2. Leo says:

    MrGone1980, and thanks…but if it gets somehow spoiled I’ll deal with it. I can’t BELIEVE I made it through PAX without getting it spoiled, but I stayed away from the BioWare panels.

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