Gaming Session: Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer, March 22, 2012

We’re working on improving our galactic readiness this week by playing some more Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. Conversation over Skype, at least assuming that some people will be playing on PC; if everybody will be on 360, then I guess we can use XBL chat instead?

Thursday 3/22 at 9:30 EDT / 6:30 PDT. If you’re playing on XBL, please add me (malvasia bianca) to your friends list if you’re not on it already. And if you’re playing on a different platform, please add davidbcarlton to your Skype contact list and include the multiplayer contact info for your preferred platform in the comment thread.

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4 Responses to Gaming Session: Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer, March 22, 2012

  1. Are we an all XBox crowd, then? Would make things easier.

  2. RD-DC says:

    PC gamer here, so no-go (and you’ve probably moved on)…but that’s a great looking femshep! Care to share the face code?

  3. Sorry, it’s a random one I found on image search.

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