Gaming Session: Minecraft, February 23, 2012

It’s the last Thursday of the month, so: Minecraft night! Thursday 2/23 at 9:30 EST / 6:30 PST, server is, voice chat over vent (do we really need to use both vent and mumble or can we ditch one of them?), server, port 4383, we can tell you the password via in-game text chat.

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  1. Dan Cox says:

    We need Mumble to record the conversation easily. We could, of course, move to recording on Ventrilo. So, no, I don’t think we need both. I just need to know, if I am going to continue to edit the audio, which one we want to use so I can plan for that.

    I also, while I as lurking on Twitter earlier today, that you posted screenshots from the January Gaming Session, David. I sent a message to you, but I will leave it here too. If we want, in the future, I could probably arrange to do video too. I just need several days notice and then about a week to sync the episode up to it.

    I was thinking, along those same lines, that if we — and I guess I am talking more to Roger and David here — want to try all playing a multiplayer game again, it might be interesting to go the tourist route and talk about the game as we walk around a world. It’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and I think, if we can find the right game and get the people together, something VGHVI might be a great place to host. It could be like those National Geographic/History shows where a group of people walk around an ancient site of a battle and tell you about its history and culture.

  2. I like Mumble at least as much as Ventrilo, so I’d lean towards ditching the latter. As to video: personally, I’m not a fan of video podcasts in general, but maybe other people like them more than I do, and certainly short video segments could be interesting, so with the right game, I’d be up for giving that a try.

    Another idea I had along the veins of talking about a game from the middle of it: as I play Ascension with Ozymandias, I’m often curious about situations where the card he chooses is different from the one I would choose in that situation, which makes me wonder if a commented game would be interesting to anybody else.

    • Steve G. (OzymandiasAV) says:

      I like the idea of taking a group tour through a game – almost like a communal Let’s Play of sorts – though I wonder if we’d need to investigate something like XSplit for video broadcasting, so that we could follow along more easily.

      As far as Vent/Mumble goes, I haven’t used Vent before, but I didn’t have any big complaints with Mumble last week. The only issue I had with it was that there was always a bit of a late echo in my headset whenever I talked, but that could have also been due to my hasty pre-chat setup.

      • Dan Cox says:

        That’s exactly my idea, the communal “Let’s Play”. I wasn’t going to frame it in that context because there are some bad associations with that term. But, yeah, I thought it would be really cool to have a group walk around in a game.

        There are, of course, a number of issues. I hadn’t heard of XSpilt, but have tried ustream and a couple other services. (There was a time when I was going to co-host a video podcast. We did a pilot, but it didn’t go anywhere.) I have always thought it might be neat to try to link more video to talking about a *video* game — it is a visual medium after all.

        I also like the idea of what you said, David. There are very few games I know enough about to talk about in detail, but the idea of bringing that type of announcer/commentary to games has always fascinated me. If we — I guess mostly me? — can get something up and running, I would love to enable other people to do that. (I might secretly be setting up a video game audio/visual-thing to help other people to do things.)

  3. Just to be clear: we should stick with Ventrilo this week – I don’t want to change that after the post, and I don’t feel like making sure Mumble will work for Miranda’s setup. But I’m pretty sure I’d be up for Mumble for Minecraft next month.

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