Symposium: 2 February 2012

It’s the first week of the month, which means that it’s time for another VGHVI Symposium! Last month’s generated a discussion about games, play, and learning that we all thought deserved some more attention; David even wrote an extended blog post about it. If you’re interested in further reading, and I haven’t inflicted myself on you before in this regard, you might take a look also at this fairly representative post.

I might even suggest that we lay some groundwork in the comments for our lines of discussion, but that would be crazy. I will, however, set out the question, though as always with our true symposia, in which the drinking is as important as the conversation, we’re guaranteed to address some different, loosely related one.

The question: Is learning always learning to play? If the answer is yes, then, in my opinion, all the questions about certification raised by David become really interesting as simultaneous game-design and instructional-design questions.

We’ll be on Mattie’s Mumble server. Comment here with contact info for a missive from me with details, or find me on Google Plus, which should be easy enough.


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  1. Dan Cox says:

    Here, I’ve updated the picture.

    I’m probably that dude. Notice I’m on the edge of the active conversation, I have a beard and I might also be secretly having another conversation while people are talking.

  2. I think Eric said he wanted to be the guy in the back between Roger and me.

  3. So, when thinking about the idea of breaking free from rulesets, I remembered the concept of Shu-Ha-Ri; I’m not at all sure how to integrate it into Roger’s thinking (or in what contexts I think it’s a good idea myself), but, in case it comes up in discussion, one reference is:

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