Gaming session, Thursday 17 November: Skyrim

I have a LOT of thoughts about the Bethesda style right now, and you’re entitled to them. I hope I’m entitled to yours, too. As usual these days, though, if you have a lot of thoughts about anything else, please join the conversation, whether or not you’re playing, or even possess, the game.

We’ll meet on Thursday at 9:30 EST / 6:30 PST. Conversation will be over Skype; add ‘roger.travis’ if you’re not already on my contact list.

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4 Responses to Gaming session, Thursday 17 November: Skyrim

  1. Aviv says:

    Does this sort of conversation involve spoilers?

  2. We go out of our way to avoid them when we’re discussing newer games like Skyrim.

  3. expjorge says:

    Argh, I very much wish I could have made this conversation tonight. If you ever do it again, I would be very interested.

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