Gaming Session: Ascension, October 20, 2011

This week we’re going to try a couple of experiments. We’ll be playing an iOS game for the first time, namely the iOS port of the card game Ascension. It’s a universal app that works on both the iPad and the iPhone; if you have a choice, I would recommend playing on the former device (especially until you become familiar with the different cards), but both versions are excellent. If you have ten minutes to spare and aren’t already familiar with the game, it wouldn’t hurt to go through the tutorial game at some point this week, but if not, no big deal.

The other experiment is that we’re going to try hosting the discussion over a Google+ Hangout, instead of using Skype or Ventrilo.

If you’re interested in participating, please include your Game Center ID and your Google+ contact information in the comment thread below, and please add me to your contacts in both locations. My Game Center ID is ‘davidcarlton’, and here’s my Google+ account.

We’ll meet this Thursday at 9:30 EDT / 6:30 PDT, hope to see you then!

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