Gaming Session: Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, April 14, 2011

After a hiatus of a couple of months, we’re returning to Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood; I hope enough people are still playing it for us to get a quorum! (The game does seem to have a good amount of legs; it’s really quite striking as a multiplayer experience.)

This Thursday, April 14th, at 9:30pm EDT / 6:30pm PST on Xbox Live; send a friends request to “malvasia bianca” if you haven’t done so already. Hope to see you then!

EDIT: There’s a new DLC pack with two new multiplayer modes (plus a map and a character). Should we have that be our base level, or stick with Animus 2.0? The new one costs 800 points, for what that’s worth. Please opine in the comments.

EDIT 2: After chatting on Twitter, it sounds like a bunch of us already had the new DLC and nobody was against it, so we’ll go with that. So please download The Da Vinci Disappearance in advance.

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