Gaming Session: Minecraft, March 31, 2011

It’s time for another one of our monthly Minecraft sessions! (Our tentative plan these days is to play Minecraft on the last week of every month, Lord of the Rings Online on the first week of every months, and our usual mixture of games in the middle of the month.)  We finished our temple last month, so who knows what we’ll get up to this time, but I know I want to experiment more with minecart boosters and Miranda had some sort of boat project that she was thinking of embarking on.

We’ll meet this Thursday at 9:30 EDT / 6:30 PDT.  The hostname is; we’ll be doing voice chat via Ventrilo, let me know in the comment thread if you need me to e-mail you the connection info.  (Or we can give you the connection info via text chat once we’re playing.)

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4 Responses to Gaming Session: Minecraft, March 31, 2011

  1. Leo says:

    Hey, can you e-mail me connection info? I played bomberman with you guys last week as MrGone1980…unfortunately I don’t have a headset, but I’ll happily text chat.

    Hope to see you guys tonight!


  2. David Hyman says:

    Hey, I’m trying to connect and failing with a “Connection refused: connect” error. Is this due to the recent update? I know several other servers are having trouble because their mods and server software isn’t up to date anymore.

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