Game Suggestion Open Thread

We won’t have our regular session this week because of GDC, and we may well miss next week as well, because of PAX East.  So I wanted to take that time to open the floor for suggestions: what games do people feel like playing? Any old favorites we should return to, any new games that we can get a quorum for?

For reference purposes, here’s the list of what we’ve played in previous sessions.

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6 Responses to Game Suggestion Open Thread

  1. It’s been several month since our last singleplayer night. And it’s been a while since we’ve done arcade mayhem, so maybe Worms 2 and/or Bomberman?

    Also, I’ve seen a few mentions of Skate 3 recently that remind me that I should give it a try. Is there anybody experienced enough in that to be able to guide us in a multiplayer session?

  2. I’d love to play Bomberman again, and I’m always up for Worms.

    For a single player title, how about Oblivion, as a way of saluting the run-up to Skyrim, and of providing a contrast to BioWare fever for Dragon Age II and Mass Effect 3?

  3. Yeah, Oblivion makes a lot of sense to me, too.

    I’m looking at my shelf for single-player titles. Ico? Shadow of the Colossus? Okami? If we want to go a little weirder: Katamari Damacy? An Infocom game?

  4. Andrew Sumner says:

    How about a try at Portal? In excitement for Portal 2’s release next month?

  5. Adam Larson says:

    Or, and just throwing it out there, KOTOR? Or KOTOR II with the restored content mod?

  6. We did Portal about half a year ago (and it didn’t go well, but that was my fault, not the game’s fault), and KOTOR about a year ago (which did go quite well, I seem to recall). I could imagine KOTOR II working well, we’ve had good luck with RPGs.

    Actually, that reminds me: any other Jade Empire fans out there? Hmm…

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