Gaming Session: Minecraft, February 24, 2011

This week, we’re returning to our communal Minecraft server; we’ll doubtless continue work on our temple to human values (and really, what expresses human values more than gold pillars and ritual sacrifice?), but there’s also ample space for spelunking, tree farming, building statues, and who knows what else. (Personally, I’m planning to experiment with minecart tracks this time.)

We’ll meet this Thursday, 2/24, at 9:30 EST / 6:30 PST. The server is (don’t bother connecting in advance, it’s not normally running), and we’ll do voice chat via Ventrilo. The Ventrilo contact information is in the wave; if you don’t have access to the wave, either put your wave address in the comment thread and we’ll add you or just connect to the Minecraft server and we’ll use text chat to give you the info.

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  1. I’m having a really hard time logging in with the new launcher, but the old launcher is working fine with me. So if you upgrade launchers, make sure to save a copy of the old one in case you run into the same problem.

    (Yay Time Machine.)

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