Gaming Session: Minecraft, January 20, 2010

This Thursday, we’ll have another in our (hopefully regular!) series of Minecraft sessions. We’ll play in the same world as last time – I assume we’ll finish our underground tree farm, maybe we’ll get to build more above ground this time!

We’ll meet at 9:30 EST / 6:30 PST this Thursday; the server is (It won’t be running before then, so don’t bother trying to login in advance to check your connection.) I’m tentatively assuming we’ll use Vent again for chat, with the contact info in the wave.

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  1. Is it okay if I turn off monsters this time? It seems like we’re more focused on building/exploring than fighting, and I think some of the people who would be interested in building aboveground would prefer to not have to deal with monsters.

  2. Jonathan Mills says:

    I think that’s fine. We had an interesting experience last time, but monsters can be limiting.

  3. I’ll be there, processor allowing.

  4. Time differences prevent me from participating in these sessions and will do so again with this particular one, but it got me thinking: is there a Minecraft server for the videogame blogging community that’s permanently up and running? If not, should there be?

    We all seem to be so invested in this game, regularly talking about it on Twitter and etc. so I’m curious as to how successful (or not) a community server would be.

  5. I’m not aware of a permanent server, but it would certainly be an interesting idea. I looked into doing a permanent VGHVI server, but if I were to use my current hosting method, it was expensive enough ($90/month) to not be worth it. But if somebody else has a server sitting around, I’d love the idea.

    (The other thing that bothered me was griefing / vandalism – I don’t know offhand what the tools are to deal with that, though I assume they exist?)

  6. nelsonminar says:

    I’ll try to drop in. Be warned that has had broken logins for a few days now, which may make things difficult.

    The Aporkalypse is a large, persistent server for folks loosely affiliated with Metafilter. It’s been up several months and has a lot of neat stuff built on it. There’s a tourist mode for visitors; if you have trouble, David, drop me an email. We use some sort of mod build on hMod to manage griefing. Only hMod is abandoned, now Bukkit is the new deal. There are companies selling Minecraft hosting, if you’re looking for a way to host.

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  8. Pat Holleman says:

    Benny A. told me about this site. If you guys ever throw up one of these ‘Craft servers again, hit me up. I’m dying to get onto a good server. That, and I’ve got an idea for a Minecraft mod I’d like to bounce off some thoughtful people.

  9. Cool! We’re tentatively planning to have our next Minecraft night on February 24th, hope to see you then.

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