Gaming Session: Thief: Deadly Shadows, October 28, 2010

This week, we’ll return to our tradition of simultaneous single-player gaming with the third game in the Thief series, namely Thief: Deadly Shadows.  In deference to our British friends, we’ll start at a slightly earlier time than normal: 12am GMT / 7pm EDT / 5pm PDT.  (On Thursday for those of us in the US, technically on Friday for Europeans.)

We’ll handle the conversation using Skype; Roger will be handling that, so please add roger.travis to your Skype contact list.  Also, please chime in on the comment thread below, so he’ll know whom to expect.

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5 Responses to Gaming Session: Thief: Deadly Shadows, October 28, 2010

  1. I own this game; I’ll be there.

  2. Harlan Broughton says:

    I’m in for this week, I lost track of time playing chrono trigger last week. I own this on Steam but have yet to try it out, so this will be good.

  3. Brian Creeden says:

    I’ll be there

  4. I’ve just realised that 12am GMT equates to 1am local time as we are currently operating on British Summer Time. I’ll try and make myself available, I might just be on Skype but not talking much. All depends on what my housemate is up to.

  5. I’ve just realized that I won’t be where I thought I was Thursday. I’m terribly sorry about that. We could postpone, or someone else could host the Skype.

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