Gaming Session: Ticket to Ride, August 26, 2010

For this week’s VGHVI gaming session, we’ll play the board game Ticket to Ride on XBLA.  Which, despite its peaceful motif, has led to easily the most tense VGHVI gaming sessions we’ve ever had!

Hope you can join us; we’ll meet this Thursday (8/26) at 9:30 EDT / 6:30 PDT.  Send a friends request to “a VGHVI” if you haven’t done so already.

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3 Responses to Gaming Session: Ticket to Ride, August 26, 2010

  1. I’ll be there. Given that we’ve played the base game two or three times, any interest in trying out one of the expansions? I assume that they are the ones mentioned here and here, though I don’t know for sure. (But I’d be happy to download them to double-check.)

    I’m totally fine doing the base game to, though, I quite enjoy it as well.

  2. I’m in, and very willing to try an expansion!

  3. I’ll probably be late. Apologies. I don’t think I’ll be much later than 10, but I’m out for my Mom’s birthday dinner, it turns out.

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