Keeping track of VGHVI events

Welcome to the VGHVI’s new digs!  One of the big differences from Ning is that we don’t have quite the same functionality for broadcasting and responding to events.  (In particular, our weekly gaming sessions.)  But we don’t want to lose track of y’all!  There are a few ways that you can be informed of our VGHVI events:

  • If you like the old e-mail method, you’ll find an e-mail subscription button on the right side of this post; click on that, and you’ll get e-mail whenever we post something here.
  • If you have a feed reader, just drop this blog’s RSS feed into it.  The main RSS feed is at – alternatively, if you only want to hear about event posts, you can subscribe to
  • We’ll link to the event posts from our Twitter account, so you can follow us at @vghvi.
  • We’ll also mention the event on our Facebook page.  This is the least reliable of all these mechanisms, however, because the roll of the dice underlying Facebook’s algorithms means that the VGHVI posts may or may not show up on your wall.  Still, if you’re interested, go our account and click on the ‘Like’ button.  (And if you click on the ‘Like’ button for individual posts, that will increase the chances that other people will see them.)

I hope that you’ll chose (at least) one of these methods to follow us.  And, if you do plan to attend one of our events, please respond in the comment thread in that event – that way, we’ll know if we should wait for you when forming a party for a game, for example.

We’re still figuring out all of the details, so we hope that this all works well; any and all suggestions are welcome.

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